Friday we went to Norris Hot Springs, Water of the Gods, about a half hour from where we were staying in Big Sky. Linda, Ben and Erin, and their cousins Katie and Ellie enjoyed the time soaking in a small pool of warm water that flows from artesian wells at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The surrounding mountains add to the beauty of the experience.

We drove to Bozeman, home of Montana State University—Bozemen. Great college town with some cool book shops, bike shops, and so on. I stopped at a record store that had a good vinyl selection, but I didn’t want to carry an LP or two in a hot van that was already stuffed. We enjoyed walking through Bozemen, and stopped at a coffee shop, the Leaf and Bean (I think) that was relaxing and carried my new favorite, huckleberry ice cream, which is all over Montana.

On Saturday we drove down through Montana and into Wyoming on our way to Rawlins, where we stayed overnight. Some beautiful sites along the way.

Rawlins is a ranching town that has a big oil refinery at the edge of town. We got in late and had some excitement overnight as the wedding party at the hotel got into some altercation or other at about 2 AM. The next morning we took in a bit of the Rawlins Fair, which was just beginning. The first event featured some girls about Erin’s age who were walking their horses through their paces in the who area of the fairgrounds.  Linda’s favorite moments of the trip might have been hearing the fathers encourage their daughters: “You show that horse! You show it!” “You didn’t make it trot. Make it trot!”

On Sunday, we stopped in Cheyanne, Wyoming, where Linda and I had dinner more than twenty years ago on a drive from Berkley CA to Colorado Springs. Alas, the restaurant was closed, but we walked around a bit to check out a large western apparel store and a few other sites.

We arrived in Colorado Springs about 9 and I got up the next morning to ride around and meet Linda and the kids later in Manitou Springs.  Some tough climbs, and I saw a beautiful mule dear with a big rack, but in the bright sun I had a hard time getting a photo, so you’ll have to take my word for it. Some sights along the way:

We are at a camp near Estes Park, CO, probably 45 monutes north of Denver at the Lenhert Family Reunion.

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