Canyons, Another Hot Springs Site, Boiling River

Day two at Yellowstone. One of the remarkable things about the park is how it draws people from around the world. I heard people speaking French, German, Spanish, any number of Scandinavian languages, Korean, Japanese, Chinese. I think half the continent of Asia must be visiting Yellowstone.

Yesterday we visited the Canyon Village section of the park, where Yellowstone River runs through a massive canyon. The river flows into two waterfalls, one of which we viewed up-close.

A common site is bikes with paniers front and back. I’ve seen at least 7 or 8 cyclists going though the park with their bikes loaded. One was a couple on a tandem, pulling a bike cart behind them.

We checked out the Mammoth Hot Springs Trail.

For the last part of our visit, we went to the Gardner River Canyon where the Mammoth Springs run into the river.  The section is called Boiling River and swimmers can wade into that section. The water is very hot at points, but it flows into the cold water from the river.

The first picture shows the hot springs flowing into the river.
It was a big day for wildlife. We saw a moose (too far away for a good pic from my camera), mountain goats, and elk.

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