Geysers in Yellowstone

Yellowstone is about 65miles from where we’re staying, so we piled into the vans and drove there on Monday. We spent the first of two days we plan to be there, and we visited the many geysers and hot springs throughout the park. We went to the Lower Geyser Basin, the Upper Geyser Basin (which is where you’ll find Old Faithful), the West Thumb Geyser Basin, and the Midway Geyser Basin.

From the Lower Basin:




From the Upper Basin, starting with Old Faithful:








The West Thumb Geyser Basin, which is along Yellowstone Lake:







Midway Geyser Basin:








Image                                                                                                   Image         

You might think you’d get sick of looking at geysers and hot springs. You don’t. They’re just beautiful to look at, and somewhat mysterious.The hot springs are 160 to 190 degrees, literally boiling, so you’d probably die if you jumped into them. One of the park rangers walked a few months ago into an area that was supposed to be free of hot spring and geyser activity and sank into the ground up to his thighs. He had to be hospitalized for seven months.

This morning (Tuesday) I rode into Big Springs from the house where we’re staying. 11.5 miles in, all downhill. Of course, it’s 11.5 miles uphill back into the mountain. To my surprise, I did it. The shoulder was very narrow, about a foot and a half, so traffic was a little dicey at times. There were two crests that helped ease things a bit. The mountain roads here are gradual climbs, so the steep climbs in PA must have helped.

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