We drove on Wed…

We drove on Wednesday from the Badlands to Rapid City, where my sister Lisa and her husband Chez are staying for a few months in a nice camper.

On the way from the Badlands we stopped at Wall Drug, which advertises on billboards all along route 90 in much the same way South of the Border does on 95 on the way to Florida. You’ll probably end up going there if land in that neck of the woods.


From there we headed towards Rapid City and Mount Rushmore, which is 20 miles from there. We got caught in one of the worst hailstorms I’ve ever seen, but arrived at Rushmore unharmed. It’s an impressive sight, surrounded by the Black Hills.   


It’s even impressive from a distance. We drove through Custer State Park, where we could view Mount Rushmore at various points. Part of the park is a road that climbs (winds, really) through a section of the Black Hills filled with rock formations, some in spires, others in massive piles of rock that Ben climbed with more agility that I did. People from all over the world come to see this part of the county, and this time of year a lot of them are motorcyclists bound for Stergis. I saw Harleys with plates from all over the US and Canada.  Every few feet you see new things that amaze because of their beauty and sheer size.


One of the things you’ll see in Custer State Park in the lower portion, away from the mountains a bit, is buffalo. Erin likes seeing the calves tagging along. 


Now, no biking in any of these spots, but I did bike in the Black Hills, near my sister’s camp site. Pretty good, steady climb, 1 hour up, 15 minutes down. I was afraid to look at the speedometer, since the road curved and I had to stay alert, but I was moving pretty quickly. No pics…sorry.

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