So… my first entry. I thought I’d start with some entries about our trip to Montana and any cycling I do along the way.

We left Harrisburg on Saturday the 21st and stopped in Sandusky Ohio, near Lake Erie. The next day, we drove to Stoughton, Wisconsin, where we stayed with Barb and Tom Roe. Barb and Linda went to college together. I got up early on Monday to ride into Madison, which is about 18 miles from their house. The area around Madison is beautiful, flat farm country and I could have ridden around there for the day, but Madison itself is known for its extensive bike trails, so I pressed on.

I biked into the university area, stopped at Erik’s Bike Shop for a new cover for my Brooks saddle (my old one melted a bit in the sun while the bike was stashed on our roof rack).  Nice folks at Erik’s, who gave me a map of the bike trails and some directions home. I rode a trail that went around one of the lakes in the city and to a few other spots, then took the road back to Stoughton. It was 98 degrees or so that day, and the last hour I was riding into some fairly heavy wind, so the 53 miles I did that day was a workout.  No pics, since I hadn’t bought a camera yet.

Tuesday, the 24th, we did a long drive across Wisconsin and Minnesota to South Dakota. Again, lots of flat, green farmland and endless vistas. To a Pennsylvanian who is used to seeing mountains in close, it’s a a bit of sensory overload to be able to see landmarks, such as water towers and farms, many miles away.  Another thing you don’t see is windmill farms like this one:
After 12 or 13 hours of driving, we stopped at a hotel in Interior, South Dakota, pop. 67, just outside Badlands National Park. I got up Wednesday morning before Linda and the kids and rode 20 miles through the Badlands. The great thing about cycling is that you can get out and be up close to things like this:

Tomorrow: The Black Hills of South Dakota.

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